1. Click on the appropriate "PAY NOW" button below. You will be taken to PayPal, where you will pre-pay a minimum of 6 hours at the rate you select. I will bill you for additional time spent. 

Option 1: $65.00 hourly if the completion deadline is 11 business days or more.  Minimum 6 hours.

Option 2: $79.00 an hour if the completion deadline is 5 full business days and less than 11 business days (“rush job”).  Minimum 6 hours.  


If you need it done “stat”, email me the details for  availability and price.

2. Send an email using the "SEND EMAIL" button below and be sure to include all of the following in your email..


  • Include your name, law firm name and website domain.

  • Attach all the relevant documents required.

  • If litigation, include the CAPTION in Microsoft Word; AND attach TEMPLATE documents (pleadings, motions, etc) you’ve used in the past for similar work, so I can adopt your preferred writing style, and it will also likely reduce my billing time.

  • A detailed statement of the facts, your objectives, any existing work-product and templates, which I would need to know to accomplish the task to your satisfaction, as if I were your in-house paralegal.

  • Most communications will be via email. However, kindly give me your office phone number; and your cell phone for after business hours; and the earliest and latest times I can conveniently call you. 

Thereafter, I will promptly email you a confirmation; and, if needed, request additional information and or documentation.

Because all work is performed by me personally, I cannot guarantee my availability to meet your deadline. If I am unable to confirm a booking for any reason, your pre-payment will be promptly refunded.