I am an attorney with over 40 years of coast to coast experience, in complex civil and criminal defense litigation and transactional law, spanning a multitude of practice areas. 

Research and writing is a labor of love, and I do it online for law firms at a fraction of the cost of an experienced attorney, because I refuse to retire.

If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, you need me.

Do you ever have work “overflow”, and want to benefit from outsourcing the work?

Are you ever pressed for time, and need legal research and writing done “stat”? 

Is your time more valuable billed out for services other than putting pen to paper?

If you answered “YES”, keep scrolling.

Brick in mortar is so dated. We live in a virtual world, and I work virtually.


I have great online research access, and we can communicate via email and by video, using Skype or, just as effectively as if I were sitting in your conference room. 


Marcus Ambrose is a top-notch civil and criminal defense attorney with over 40 years of experience, and practiced law in many legal specialties. He was a former jury trial consultant, is a recognized author, and MCLE lecturer.

Ambrose is passionate about the practice of law coast to coast, and was admitted in Florida, New York, Arizona and California. 

Ambrose moved abroad in 2016, and is now semi-retired. He continues to provide top-notch legal research writing services to law firms, because for him it is a labor of love.

DEADLINE: 11 or more business days

$65 per hour

DEADLINE: 5 - 10 business days

$79 per hour

DEADLINE: Less than 5 business days

Email me the details for availability and price.

(6 Months / Pre-paid)

$50 an hour.

Email me for details.

I guarantee that all work will be performed by me personally. 

All projects must be no less than 6 hours, and pre-paid using PayPal. Unearned fees will be promptly refunded. 

Before booking a project, should you wish to first consult with me, the pre-paid consultation fee is $50, for up to 45 minutes. I can review documentation in advance. 

If I am unable to accept the project for any reason, your consultation fee will be promptly refunded.